Lush lemon pepper chicken by @ChefTomKerridge

The missus and me love watching Tom Kerridge’s cooking show. His simple approach to food is right up our sleeve.

Last weekend, he presented a recipe that I couldn’t wait to follow through with. So that’s what we did yesterday, with a slight variation. If you love chicken, you should absolutely try Tom Kerridge’s Lush Lemon Pepper Chicken.






Winnie the Pooh reimagined as a Robot by Carlos Dattoli

Winnie the Pooh was is one of my favorite children’s books. I loved the stories about him and Tigger and the others (didn’t care too much about Christopher Robin). If you’ve ever asked yourself: How would Winnie the Pooh and his friends look like if they were robots, well, here is the answer courtesy of Mexican artist Carlos Dattoli.

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Spomeniks – Yugoslavian War Monuments by Dia Takacsova

“Across countries, getting lost in small villages and forgotten hills, in the footsteps of the captivating witnesses of time. Giant sculptures commemorating battles and the (not so distant) past, still beautiful and evocative. The Yugoslavian war memorials are trying to resist all: the destructive power of nature, people and the fact, that they have been left to decay.”

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